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Tree Trimming

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Shaping Trees for Greater Aesthetics

Tree trimming, also known as tree cutting, is the process of shaping your trees to meet a desired look and shape. It is not the same as tree pruning.

The Purpose of Tree Trimming

Trimming a tree has a different purpose than pruning a tree. Trimming is primarily done for aesthetic or appearance reasons. Limbs will be removed to keep the tree looking tidy or in a specific shape. Pruning is done for the health of the tree rather than its appearance.

So whether you need palm tree trimming, oak, pine or any other tree trimming services, give us a call.

Here is when tree trimming is appropriate:


Tree shaping or appearance.

Limbs pose a threat to a building in a storm.
Obstructive tree branches and limbs.
Tree Cutting Services
Tree Trimming Services
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Trimming More
Than Trees

Our tree trimming services are used for more than just your typical tree. They are also perfect for shrubs, bushes, and hedges. These types of plants also require regular trimming and pruning.

We pride ourselves on knowing how to safely and accurately trim trees and plants in South South Florida.

Trees of All Types

No matter what type of trees you have on your property, our team is able to trim them to meet your landscaping aesthetics. We have a deep understanding of local, native trees, including sea grape, cabbage palm, mahogany, bald cypress, southern red cedar, live oak, southern magnolia, and more!


Shrubs resemble trees in that they are woody plants, but they are typically smaller. Their closely-knit stems or little branches can run along the ground or reach for the sky. When left unattended, these stems or branches can get out of hand. You must have them trimmed to maintain their shape.


Bushes have thinner undergrowth and typically require less care and maintenance. With that said, there are cases in which your bushes can grow excessively, causing a need for trimming. We can trim your bush appropriately to maintain its beauty and your landscape’s appearance when that occurs.


Hedges are considered a close line of shrubs or trees that have been trimmed to form a barrier or boundary. Hedge trimming must be performed regularly to maintain shape and elegance. These plants cannot go without maintenance; otherwise, they’ll look unsightly and unkempt. Have them trimmed regularly.

Safety First

Tree Trimming Precautions

We never recommend you trim your trees when a ladder is required. Doing so can be dangerous, especially when you don’t have experience trimming trees or safety equipment. Our team handles tree trimming safely and with specific attention to the following:

Flower - Tree Trimming - Secure The Area

Secure the Area

Preventing individuals from entering the area where the tree is being trimmed is essential for the safety of nearby people.

Flower - Tree Cutting

Mindful of Structures

When trimming trees close to structures, we are mindful and precise while removing limbs.

Flower - Tree Trimming - Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Our team is equipped with all of the necessary tools and safety equipment to ensure a safe and efficient tree trimming operation.

Flower - Tree Cutting - Mindful of Power Lines

Mindful of Power Lines

Similar to structures, we take special precautions when trimming trees near powerlines to prevent damage to public property.

Benefits Of Tree Trimming

Benefits Of Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a great way to remove dead or overgrown branches. Tree trimming also provides other benefits such as:

  • Improving tree health
  • Safer yards
  • Improved curb appeal
  • Increase property value
  • Create more space

How much does tree trimming cost?

The cost of your tree trimming is determined by the number of trees and the extent to which they need to be trimmed. Get in touch with our team today to get a free quote for your tree trimming service.

Do you dispose of any limbs trimmed from my trees?

Yes! Green Earth Environmental handles the cleanup and disposal of any tree limbs.

When is the best time to trim trees?

Most South Florida trees should be trimmed in late winter or early spring.

Do all types of trees need to be trimmed?

Yes. The extent or method in which the tree is trimmed is different based on the species, but all trees need some form of trimming.

Do I need a permit for tree trimming?

No. The City of South Florida does not require a permit for trimming or pruning a tree.

However, municipalities other than South Florida may require a permit. If there is any point in which a service we provide requires a permit in any municipality, our team will secure them for you.