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High-End Landscaping to Impress New and Existing Customers

The first impression customers will have of your business is from the exterior. A lack of maintenance, care, or landscaping of any kind can greatly hinder your impact on convincing customers to use your services or buy your products. Some may even be turned away by the lack of upkeep.

Years Experience

Impressions are everything as a business. When your commercial landscaping looks well kept, tidy, and attractive, it gives you greater control over how customers perceive your business. Landscaping goes a long way when it comes to the image of your business and what you want to tell new and existing customers.

Green Earth Environmental has more than 17 years of experience with commercial landscaping services ranging from design to construction to maintenance. Our in-house crew is here to help you take care of your landscaping in any way possible. We offer full-service landscaping for a number of commercial clients across the South Florida Metropolitan area.

Our Commercial Landscaping Services

Green Earth Environmental has been providing full-service landscaping to commercial clients for more than 17 years. See what our team can do for your business!

Landscaping Maintenance

Grass, trees, flowers, bushes, and other plants require regular maintenance to remain healthy and attractive. Certain types of plants require more attention than others, which is why we’re able to provide different maintenance packages for our clients. Choose between weekly or bi-weekly maintenance for your landscaping needs. Our landscape maintenance includes everything you need for the upkeep of your business’s landscaping. 

Landscape Design & Construction

It doesn’t matter if you’re a contractor, business owner, or property manager, we’re able to provide landscape design and construction services to commercial properties. We handle all of the design and construction aspects ourselves with an experienced in-house team. Our designers develop creative solutions for your landscaping needs, implementing your tastes and our expertise in native plants and conditions.

Your landscaping may already look perfect, but there could be areas of improvement or additions. Our landscape enhancements are a great way to include new plants into your landscaping, add new landscaping features, or install a unique quality. Green Earth Environmental handles all types of landscape enhancements, from minor plant additions to complete redesigns and makeovers.

An irrigation system is one of the most effective methods of maintaining the health and beauty of your landscaping. Sprinklers are much more efficient than watering by hand because they are programmed to water the right amount every time. Let our crew install, repair, or maintain your irrigation system for the quality of your landscaping. Your irrigation system will do your landscaping wonders, especially when handled by our experienced team.