Landscape Enhancements

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Giving a Facelift to Landscaping

When your landscaping isn’t up to your standards or you’re looking to give it some flair, landscape enhancements are the perfect way to solve the problem.

Why Seek Landscape Enhancements?

The team at Green Earth Environmental is able to help you enhance your landscape in a number of different ways. We’ve taken existing landscapes and transformed them from the ground up. You could also ask us to add some landscape features such as lighting or water features. There are many opportunities to improve your landscape, but there are also many reasons why you’d look to perform such enhancements:


Improved curb appeal.

Better the health of existing plants.
Change the exterior beauty of your business.
Impress existing and new customers.

Ways to Improve

Types of Landscape Enhancements

Green Earth Environmental has assisted many South Florida property owners and managers in enhancing their landscaping. Landscape enhancements can range from major rebuilds to minor feature additions. Every landscape enhancement is backed by our expertise in local conditions and landscape design. We are happy to work on any size project our clients may need.

Redesigns and Beautification

Take your existing landscape and give it a makeover with a complete redesign. We can help you with a brand new design or beautify with new plants and features.

Tree Planting

Trees add shade and comfort to properties. Integrate trees into your landscaping with our landscape enhancements services.

Landscape Additions

Landscape or garden additions are common when properties expand. We can design, build, and plant new landscapes to match your existing property.

Mulch Applications

Mulch helps retain soil moisture, reduces weed growth, and makes your landscaping pretty. Our team can apply mulch to your landscaping or replace the existing mulch.

Seasonal Flower Planting

Add splashes and pops of color throughout your property. Seasonal flowers are one of the best ways to elevate a commercial property throughout the year.

Native Plants or Butterfly Habitats

The best landscape enhancements include adding native plants and wildlife habitats for native animals, such as butterflies.

A landscape can be enhanced in many different ways, but the biggest goal is to elevate it to a level that is appreciated by anyone who experiences it.

How We Enhance Landscapes

Many of our clients approach us with an idea, but some leave it to our expertise in enhancing their landscape.


Analyze Your Landscape

Our designers start by analyzing your landscape and looking at its many aspects. They take note of what it features and any details you provide in what you’re looking for.


Find the Enhancements

Next, we must find the landscape enhancements that would best serve your needs, whether that’s with the idea you bring us or something we conclude after analysis.


Integrate the Enhancements

When we know what enhancements to integrate, we do just that through landscape design and construction services. Afterward, you can start enjoying your enhanced landscape.
Do I need an idea on how to enhance my landscape before contacting Green Earth Environmental?
No. We’re able to help you find the right landscape enhancements for your property by inspecting it thoroughly. You always get the final say based on our suggestions and the estimate we provide. Only then will we move forward with the project.
What types of mulch can you apply to my landscaping?
We are able to apply any type of mulch you may want for your landscaping. Mulch is divided into two categories: organic and inorganic.

Organic mulch is any mulch made of materials that decompose naturally. Common mulch applications include bark and wood chips. Leaves, evergreen needles, and grass clippings are also options.

Inorganic mulch does not decompose and does need replenishing nearly as much as organic mulch. Inorganic mulch types include rocks, stones, landscape fabrics, and rubber.

If you are unsure of the mulch you want in your landscaping, our experts will help!

How much will it cost to enhance my landscaping?
It all depends on the scope of the project. Landscape features here and there may be less than a complete redesign. You can receive an accurate estimate from our team once you contact us to give us more details about what you’re wanting.