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Pruning for the Health of the Tree

Tree pruning is the process of removing limbs that may be dead, diseased, or weakened for the greater health of the tree. It is not the same as trimming.
Why Hire an Expert for Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning is done for the good of the tree’s health rather than its appearance. Many believe tree trimming and tee pruning are the same, but their objectives are different. Almost anyone can trim a tree, but pruning requires an experienced professional who knows what kinds of limbs to remove from the tree. You should always hire a professional because of the following reasons:


We can identify the types of limbs that need to be pruned.


Poorly pruned trees can experience stunted growth, leading to them dying.

Have a vast knowledge of pruning techniques for optimal tree health.
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Pruning Techniques

All types of trees require pruning, but some require a different approach than others. We have the experience and education needed to prune your tree correctly using the appropriate techniques.

Pruning is best handled by a professional arborist who knows the right techniques for maintaining a tree’s health.


The technique of cleaning is the removal of dead, diseased, or weak branches. It is the most common form of pruning and is done to all types of trees. Cleaning a tree’s problematic limbs will help the tree prosper and live a healthier life. If left unchecked, these limbs could hinder the tree’s growth.


While tree pruning, we may use a technique called raising, which is the process of removing lower branches to make clearance for structures, vehicles, and people. This is common near and around buildings and walkways. It’s to ensure the safety of property and people working or passing through the area.


The reduction technique is used when we must reduce the size of the tree. This tree pruning method is done primarily for utility lines. This is not the same as tree topping, which is a harmful method of reducing the size of a tree. Instead, the reduction technique is done with the tree’s health in mind, so it remains healthy after the process.

Reducing Density

Trees can be extremely dense when left unmaintained. Reducing density is done to increase light or wind penetration for the aesthetics of the landscaping. This tree pruning technique promotes foliage growth within the tree’s interior branches, allowing for a full look that matches the aesthetics you want.

Expert Tree Surgeons

Types of Trees We Prune

There are thousands of tree species in the world, with each needing some form of pruning. Our experienced team is able to prune any type of tree you may have on your property, but some of the most common include:

Flowering Tree Pruning

Flowering Trees

Prepare your flowering trees for blooming season, so you’re property will reap the many benefits of these gorgeous trees.

Palm Tree Pruning


Palm trees and similar plants do not require as much pruning, but it’s essential in removing dead leaves, fruit, or flowers when necessary.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit Trees

Your fruit trees would benefit from a method known as espalier, which is the process of training your tree to grow flat against a wall or trellis.

Other Tree Pruning

And More

Green Earth Environmental is highly experienced and knowledgeable in pruning all types of trees you may have on your property.

Do citrus trees need pruning?
Yes. All types of trees, no matter the species, require some form of pruning to better their health.
Does pruning hurt trees?
Yes, if it’s done incorrectly by someone inexperienced and uneducated of proper pruning practices. Improper pruning can harm the tree, stunt its growth, and in rare cases, cause its death.
When handled by an expert, pruning is highly beneficial for the tree because it removes dead, diseased, and weak branches.
What is the purpose of pruning fruit trees?
Pruning fruit trees can lead to greater yields of fruit, increase fruit size and quality, and maintain the tree’s health. Fruit tree pruning should be done before active growth begins.
How much does tree pruning cost?
Many factors contribute to the cost of tree pruning: types of trees, the extent of their pruning, and the number of trees that need pruning. When our team learns of these details regarding your property, we’re able to give you an accurate and free quote.
What is a pruning sealer, and is it necessary?
Pruning sealer, or pruning paint, is a petroleum-based waterproof application that is used on pruned limbs. The concept of the product is to act as a “bandage” for the tree.

As for if pruning sealer is necessary, the answer is no. Research has shown that pruning sealer has no benefit for the tree. Proper pruning techniques are significantly more important than applying a “bandage.” The tree is able to use its own healing properties for exposed areas.