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Residential Landscaping

Standout Qualities

Be the Standout Property of the Neighborhood

Residential Landscaping isn’t always at the forefront of home renovations, maintenance, or care. For some homeowners, it’s nowhere near the top of their long list of chores. Surprisingly, residential landscaping has one of the highest impacts on a property’s value and curb appeal. Not to mention, you may have high HOA requirements to meet.

Green Earth Environmental makes it easy for homeowners to achieve the landscaping their home deserves. Our residential landscaping services include everything from design and construction to water features and native gardens. For those looking to elevate their landscaping, our design team will develop a design with your personal tastes in mind and implement our deep knowledge of plants and the local climate.

If your residential landscaping already meets your desires, we can assist you in embellishing it through landscape lighting, a butterfly garden, or a sprinkler system. Lawns, backyards, gardens, and other types of landscaping are versatile in what they can achieve. Let’s work together in making your house a standout property in the neighborhood. 

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Our Residential Landscaping Services

Beautify and elevate your home’s exterior with our extensive list of residential landscaping services in Greater South Florida. 

Residential Landscape & Garden Design

Landscape & Garden Design

Our talented in-house team handles our landscaping and garden design services. They are experts in creating landscapes that meet the needs and wants of clients using bespoken ideas. They learn what you’re looking for in a landscape or garden during the design process, which lays the foundation for their unique design. Your design will be custom to your home and personal taste while being backed by our knowledge of plant species.

Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction

Every landscape construction project starts with a design. Once you’ve approved a design and our team has ordered plants and materials, we’ll start the construction process. Our construction crew is entirely in-house, so we have greater control over the quality of your landscaping project. The team we’ve employed knows what it takes to promote the life of healthy plants.

Water Features

Water Features

The best landscapes have depth and variety. Water features are one of the best ways to add such qualities to your landscaping. The sound and sight of flowing water are capable of adding a soothing atmosphere to your backyard. Wildlife such as birds, squirrels, and rabbits also enjoy running water. Our designers are innovative when implementing water features with your landscaping.

Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler System

Watering your landscaping by hand is extremely inefficient. Sprinkler systems are the best solution for watering your plants. They’re programmed to water your plants at the right time of day and with the perfect amount of water. You can lower your water bill and to-do list with a properly installed sprinkler system. Green Earth Environmental is here to help you install, repair, or replace your sprinkler system.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

With the right lighting, you can showcase the best parts of your home and landscape. Our designers collaborate with homeowners to accentuate the most attractive features of their residential landscaping. There is a magnitude of lighting options for your landscaping, which is why many homeowners turn to us for advice and assistance. Let’s work together in lighting the right areas of your home’s landscaping.

Residential Landscaping Kitchen Gardens

Kitchen Gardens

Kitchen gardens, also known as edible gardens, are comprised of plants that produce berries, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. All of these plants produce edible foods perfect for your next homecooked meal. We strive to help homeowners select plants that grow well in South Florida’s climate. Our team understands your interest in kitchen gardens and turns those wants into reality right in your backyard. 

Butterfly Habitats

Butterfly Habitats

Developing a butterfly habitat is complex because of the many intricacies their environment requires. Green Earth Environmental is comprised of experts in native plants and wildlife, allowing us to develop the perfect habitat for butterflies. We have significant experience and knowledge on what types of plants should be included, where they should be planted, and other essential qualities for butterflies to prosper.

Native Gardens

Native Gardens

Urbanization is one of the significant reasons native plants are disappearing rapidly in North America. As lovers of nature and all things plants, we hope to assist homeowners in developing their own native gardens in their backyards. Native plants are well-adapted to the climate, allowing them to flourish compared to alternatives. Join us in supporting native plants and wildlife with native gardening.

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