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Commercial Landscape Maintenance

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Your Solution to Gorgeous Landscaping

Our weekly and bi-weekly commercial landscape maintenance packages are the perfect solutions for businesses in Greater South Florida to make an impact on customers.

Why Choose Commercial Landscape Maintenance From Us

Green Earth Environmental is staffed with an in-house team of maintenance crews who are fully equipped to handle any of your landscaping needs. We take pride in providing our clients with personalized service based on their specific landscaping. A manager inspects each property we maintain to ensure the complexities of your landscaping and property are cared for by our staff.


More than 17 years of experience


Prompt, professional, and personalized service


Experience with all types of properties and plants

(866) 734-2422

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Florida
Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services
Flower Variety Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Knowledge of All
Plant Types

We have more than 17 years of experience in the landscaping industry with a highly educated and experienced team. They know how to care for and handle plants in order for them to be healthy and look stunning.

Our love and knowledge of plants make us experts incommercial  landscape maintenance.


Our tree services are included with your landscape maintenance. We have a vast knowledge of the many native tree species in South Florida and other types of trees that prosper in the warm climate. By pruning and trimming your trees regularly, we’re able to assist in their growth and prevent health problems from occurring.


The most natural way to add color to your landscaping is through flowers. There are many different species perfect for your landscaping. They can range in colors from orange and red to blue and purple. For optimal blooming and color, they require regular maintenance by experts. Otherwise, their health and beauty may suffer.

Bushes, Shrubs, Hedges

Plants such as bushes, shrubs, and hedges are standout features of any landscaping while typically remaining on the edge of areas. These plants serve as great ways to divide your property from others while having their own prominent stature. For them to look great, they must be trimmed and shaped regularly.

Many More

Of course, these types of plants are just a small sample of our team’s knowledge. We’re able to closely care for and maintain plants, such as succulents, vines, moss, ferns, bamboos, grasses, and much more. We have extensive education and experience with native and non-native plants in South Florida. Get in touch with our team for excellent plant care.

All-Inclusive Services

What Our Landscape Maintenance Packages Include

We’re committed to providing you with the landscape maintenance services your property requires. Not every commercial property is the same, which is why we take steps to address your unique needs. When you sign up for a landscape maintenance package, you’ll receive the following services alongside your tailored care:

Flower - Landscape Maintenance - Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

We’re able to cut your grass in a specific design for that additional attractiveness.

Flower - Landscape Maintenance - Edging


We believe clean-cut edges between surface changes help businesses stay looking fresh.

Flower - Landscape Maintenance - Weed Control

Weed Control

Unfortunately, weeds are inevitable with any landscape, but we remove them with precision and persistence.

Flower - Landscape Maintenance - Fertilization


For the plants in your landscaping to thrive, they require suitable fertilization from a professional.

Flower - Landscape Maintenance - Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Removal of dead, diseased, or weak branches from trees will promote a healthy life and improve their beauty.

Flower - Landscape Maintenance - Bed Cleanup

Bed Cleanup

Removal of debris, dead plants, and weeds in your flower bed will help your plants grow healthier and stronger.

Flower - Landscape Maintenance - Shrub Shaping

Shrub Shaping

Our team shapes your shrubs the way you want them, so they’ll look their best and meet your personal tastes.

Flower - Landscape Maintenance - Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming

Your hedges must be trimmed at the right times of the year with the appropriate methods for a healthy life.

Purple Flower Variety Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Landscape maintenance is paramount for the health of your plants and trees because if left unattended, fungi and weeds will sap essential resources your landscaping desperately needs.

How We Work

Green Earth Environmental has established the best process for providing commercial landscape maintenance in South Florida.


We Help Select a Package

When you contact our team, we’ll help you select the best commercial landscape maintenance package based on the size of your property and what’s best for your plants.


We Learn Your Property

The area manager assigned to your property will meet with you and inspect your property closely to take note of specific commercial landscaping needs.


We Get to Work

Once everything is in order, and we understand your landscaping needs, we’ll perform your commercial landscape maintenance according to the package you selected.

How long will commercial landscape maintenance take?

Landscape maintenance takes about one to two hours for half an acre. The size of your property and the complexities of the landscaping will impact the timeframe of the maintenance. We’ll give you a more detailed estimate when we learn more about your property size and specific needs. 

How often should I have receive commercial landscaping maintenance?

We help you determine how often landscape maintenance should be performed based on the size of your property, the types of plants you have, and your budget. Our team understands money is a big contributor to your landscape maintenance, so we work with a number of different budgets for our clients. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our maintenance packages and to receive a free quote.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes! Green Earth Environmental is a fully licensed and insured landscaping company. If you’d like proof of our license and insurance, we are happy to provide copies upon request.

Will you perform cleanup for my landscaping?

Yes! During maintenance, our team removes fallen limbs, twigs, dead plants, weeds, and more from your landscaping. This prevents threats from creeping in or developing and harming your plants.