Sprinkler Systems

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Cut Down on Time and Water Costs

Sprinkler systems are the best way to cut down on time and water costs while keeping an attractive, green lawn.

Why Install a Sprinkler System?

Installing a sprinkler system for your yard will significantly benefit you and your wallet. Irrigation systems are extremely efficient, preventing overwatering and cutting the water bill. Hand watering and relying on rain are not viable. These methods can lead to increased water bills or dead grass. Sprinkler systems are programmed to meet your lawn’s needs at different times of the year. They can provide you and your lawn so much:


Programmable for different times of the year.

Efficient and effective to reduce the water bill.
A healthier, better-performing lawn.
Save time on maintenance and care for your lawn.

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Sprinkler System Services

At Green Earth Environmental, we want to help Greater South Florida residents conserve water while still maintaining the health of their landscaping. Our sprinkler system services are designed to care for their irrigation systems to achieve that goal.

Having an expert handle your sprinkler systems properly will ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Meeting Your Lawn’s Needs

Each sprinkler system our team handles is customized to the needs of the lawn. At different points of the year, those needs change, which is why it’s important to have your sprinklers maintained long after their installation. Green Earth Environmental is happy to help homeowners install, repair, and maintain their sprinkler systems throughout the year. Our South Florida landscapers will determine the placement of your sprinklers and the necessary amount of water for your landscaping.

Sprinkler Installation

The most popular service we offer for sprinkler systems is installation. More and more South Florida residents are looking to automate their lawn care. The rain cannot always be relied upon, and hand watering is nowhere near efficient. For these reasons, our team is here to help you install a sprinkler system specifically for your lawn. Our expert landscapers know how to measure the perfect amount of water for your landscaping and what places the sprinkler should go.

Sprinkler Repairs

As time moves on, sprinkler repairs may be necessary to keep them running smoothly. Our team is happy to perform any sprinkler system repairs you may need. Common problems we help homeowners tend to include pipe leaks, clogs, sprinkler head issues, tree-root problems, and water-source conflicts. No matter what problem your sprinkler systems may be experiencing, we can provide the repairs. Sprinkler systems are relatively low maintenance, but repairs will inevitably come up.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Sprinkler systems are low maintenance, making them an extremely popular automation feature for any home. The little maintenance they do need can be done on your own, such as winterizing and spring startup. In Southern Florida, winterizing is simply adjusting the timer for winter rains. The last thing you want is to overwater your landscaping. As for spring, you’ll want to inspect your system for any potential problems your sprinkler system may have developed during the dormant season.

Flower Garden Sprinkler System

Irrigation systems assist in the conservation of freshwater by operating efficiently and being installed by professionals for optimal placement.

How We Install Sprinkler Systems

Our sprinkler system installation process is usually completed in one day, as long as the weather permits and there are no problems. You can expect the process to look something like the following:


Layout and Planning

We start by inspecting your landscaping and laying out the irrigation system with markers before assembling the materials.


Sprinkler Installation

After the layout is finished, we’ll start digging trenches to place the system. Once inside the trench, we can connect it to the house’s water supply.


Testing and Cleanup

Finally, we’ll clean up the job site and perform a final inspection. Our team will also inspect the sprinklers to ensure they meet your lawn’s needs and there are no problems.
Do I need a permit to install a sprinkler system in South Florida?

Yes. You will need a permit to install a sprinkler system. Green Earth Environmental will apply for all the permits you require before starting the process.

When do I need to "winterize" my sprinkler system?
The process of winterizing your sprinkler system in South Florida is simply adjusting the frequency of watering during the rainy season. South Florida’s rainy season is from May through September. So, program your sprinkler system accordingly.
How much water do sprinkler systems use?
The amount of water your sprinkler system uses depends on the size of your yard and how frequently it runs. On average, your sprinkler system uses about 12 gallons of water per minute. You can adjust the programming of your system whenever you see fit, but upon installation, our team will ensure it’s programmed efficiently and to your lawn’s needs.
How much does a sprinkler system cost?
The cost of your sprinkler system will depend on the size and complexity of the system. If you’d like an accurate quote from our team, give us a call or fill out the form on the contact page.