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Maintain The Health Of Your Lawn

Lawn maintenance helps to maintain a healthy and visually stunning lawn.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn maintenance is the process in which you provide ongoing care for your lawn. If you have used a professional lawn care service then lawn maintenance is an important part of keeping your lawn looking healthy and visually appealing.

By providing your lawn with regular maintenance it also improves water retention which means you can cut costs on your water bill by reducing the amount of time spent watering your lawn. Proper lawn maintenance starts with regular mowing and keeping your lawn free of debris. For the best results you may want to schedule regular lawn maintenance services with our team here at Green Earth Environmental Landscaping.


Maintain the health of your lawn


Control pests and weed growth


Improved water retention in the soil


Visually stunning yard

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Grass Lawn Maintenance
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Our Lawn Maintenance Services

At Green Earth Environmental, we provide regular lawn maintenance services so you can worry about more important things. Don’t let initial lawn care go to waste and schedule your regular maintenance with us today.

Get the most out of lawn maintenance services by hiring a team of highly skilled professionals.

Meeting Your Lawn’s Needs

With our lawn maintenance services you will receive only the best treatments for your lawn at an affordable price. Our lawn maintenance team is highly trained using the most effective treatment methods to provide you with a healthy looking yard all year-round.


Mowing your lawn seems like a simple task, but the way you mow your lawn and the equipment used can make a difference in the growth. Be sure to maintain sharp blades as dull blades can actually damage the grass. Prior to mowing, ensure that your yard is free of debris, sticks and rocks to avoid lawn and mower damage. To promote healthy growth it is recommended to mow your lawn on a weekly basis. You should also pay attention to how short the cut is. Keep your grass 2-3 inches from the turf.

Weed Control

Unwated weeds can quickly take over your lawn if not managed properly. This can quickly ruin the curb appeal of your entire property. It is important to ensure that you are applying the correct herbicides and fertilizers to control and eliminate weed growth. Not only is treating your lawn to prevent weed growth important for lawn maintenance, but removing weeds at first sight is important as well. Understanding the righ weed control products can be tough, which is why we are here to help.


Edging and trimming are two important pieces to the lawn maintenance routine. While edging is important to keep mulch in place and prevent weed growth, it also creates clean crisp lines between your lawn and walkways. Trimming is used to tidy the grass around trees, walkways and other features that you may miss with the mower. By utilizing our trimmin and edging services you can maintain not only a healthy lawn, but keep that curb appeal all year long. Call our lawn maintenance team today.

Flower Garden Lawn Maintenance Services

With proper lawn maintenance services you can keep a healthy and visually stunning lawn all year round.

Lawn Maintenance FAQs

Fertilizer Lawn Maintenance

How often should I mow my lawn?

Mowing your lawn should be done on a weekly basis to maintain an even turf and healthier lawn growth. Remember not to cut the grass too short.

What is the best height to mow my lawn?

Maintaining a height of 2-3 inches will ensure even growth, healthier turf and more visually appealing yard.

How often should I fertilize my lawn?

Most turf grasses should be fertilized four to six times a year. The amount and frequency can depend on the type of grass and your local climate.

How to get rid of weeds in my lawn?

Without proper lawn maintenance, Wweds can quickly overtake a lawn. Prompt removal of weeds as soon as they appear can help keep them from spreading and overtaking the lawn. You must make sure that you remove the roots to prevent regrowth.