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Landscape Lighting

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Showcasing Your Home’s Best Features at Night

Landscape lighting is used to accentuate specific details of your home, regardless of whether it’s landscaping or architectural qualities.

The Purpose of Landscape Lighting

When done right, landscape lighting is the best way to showcase the beauty of your home. It not only adds comfort to your home but also safety, security, and appeal. These elements significantly increase the appeal of your home while deterring potential intruders from your home. Of course, it has to be done the right way. Lighting handled improperly can showcase the wrong features and contribute to light pollution. Hire a professional to reap all the benefits of landscape lighting:


Increased safety around stairs, walkways, elevation changes, and other paths.

Greater security to deter potential intruders from targeting your property.
More comfort in outdoor areas that are lit properly.
Added beauty and decor to the exterior of your home.

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Landscape Lighting
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Choose Wisely

Types of Landscape Lighting

There are a lot of landscape lighting fixtures to choose from, many of them offering different qualities. Our team can help you select which lighting fixtures are suited for the best aspects of your home and landscaping.

Landscape Lighting Spotlights Flower Icon


Commonly used for up-lighting, spotlights are perfect for showcasing a variety of features, such as statues, plants, trees, and walls.

Landscape Lighting Step Lights Icon

Step Lights

Step lights are an excellent solution for those looking to light up where they’re walking and prevent tripping or falling where elevation changes reside.

Landscape Lighting Flood Lights Flower Icon

Flood Lights

These landscape lights are great for lighting up an area all at once, such as a patio, backyard, or driveway.

Landscape Lighting Bollard Lights Flower Icon

Bollard Lights

They resemble metal posts with a light at the top, ranging in height, and are best installed along walkways.

Landscape Lighting Well Lights Flower Icon

Well Lights

These lights are typically installed within the ground, pointing up toward a vertical feature like a column or tree.

Landscape Lighting Hardscape Lights Flower Icon

Hardscape Lights

Typically hidden, hardscape lights are integrated into hardscape features, such as stone, brick, wood, metal, and more!

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Where to Place Landscape Lighting

The designers and landscapers at Green Earth Environmental are experts in designing landscapes that impress. Their expertise will help you place your landscape lighting in one of three areas:


Plants and Trees

Our landscapers will help you highlight plants and trees in your landscaping that will also shine bright during the day.


Walkways and Water Features

We’ll help you keep your walkways lit alongside some of your elegant landscaping features like a fountain or pond.


Sitting Areas

One of the most vital areas to be lit up includes your outdoor living spaces and sitting areas, such as a deck or patio.

Landscape Lighting FAQs

How much energy will my lights use?

The amount of energy consumed depends on the type of lights you choose. Some lights can be solar-powered, while others are directly connected to your home’s wiring. To conserve the most energy, we recommend using LED bulbs for a minimal increase in your utility bill. 

Will I have control over when my lights turn on and off?

Our team can install a system for you to set a timer or turn your lights on or off whenever you’d like. We’re able to fit these kinds of features into almost any budget. We’ll cover a wide range of potential features you may want in your landscape lighting during the planning phase.

How long does landscape lighting take to install?

Most landscape lighting is installed in a day without delays.

Does landscape lighting require you to dig up my yard?

No. A majority of landscape lighting wires and cables are buried underneath mulch in your flowerbed or landscaping. If trenching is required, it is very minimal.

What bulbs are best suited for my landscape lighting?

We recommend using LEDs because of how long they’ll last and how much they can save you. Their energy consumption is very low and will save you a lot of money over time.