Lawn Care Services

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Improve The Health Of Your Lawn

Lawn care services help to improve the overall health of the soil and promotes healthier lawn growth.

Lawn Care

Lawn care services are different from lawn maintenance services. Lawn care consists of treatments to improve the overall health of your soil and grass along with weed control solutions. In order to have the best looking lawn possible you need to insure proper health before you can properly maintain your lawn.

Ensuring maximum health of the soil will help to promote strong growth of grass throughout your entire yard. Using fertilizers along with weed control solutions will ensure that the grass that grows will be healthy as well as weed free.


Improve the health of the soil


Promote stronger and healthier lawn


Eliminate weed growth


Reduce insects with pest control

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Promote Healthy Lawn With Lawn Care Services
Lawn Care Services For Healthy Lawns
Lawn Care Services Help Plants

Our Lawn Care Services

At Green Earth Environmental, we want to help Greater South Florida residents to achieve thick, healthy lawns. Our lawn care specialists will do everything they can to ensure a healthy yard and improve the visual appeal of your property.

Get the most out of lawn care services by hiring a team of highly skilled professionals.

Meeting Your Lawn’s Needs

With our lawn care services you will receive only the best treatments for your lawn at an affordable price. Our lawn care team is highly trained using the most effective treatment methods to provide you with a healthy and safe yard to enjoy year-round.

Testing The Soil

Soil quality can vary across the US which means you may require different lawn treatments than you neighbor. Healthy lawn growth starts with the quality of the soil is grows in. With proper soil testing we can determine the pH levels, levels of phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients that are required. Once we get the results from the soil tests, we can then create a customized treatment plan for your lawn. Healthy soil will also cut down on the amount of lawn maintenance throughout the year.


Lawn aeration is highly beneficial to both the soil and the lawn. Aeration can be preformed either manually or mechanically, but both achieve the same goal. The process involves breaking up the soil to improve air circulation and water absorbtion which are both important for healthy lawn growth. It is important to know that aerating your lawn too often can be more harmful than good. Aerating at least once a year is recommended, but you should consult a professional for optimal results.

Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn fertilizer is simply nutrients to promote healthy lawn growth. Fertilizers are all formulated to contain different levels of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. So depending on what your lawn and soil is lacking will determin which fertilizer should be ued. This is why soil testing is an important step in the lawn care process. Fertilizers are also formulated for differnt grass speicies. With our lawn care process we ensure that you are getting high quality and the correct fertilizer for your lawn needs.

Flower Garden Lawn Care Services

With proper lawn care services you can greatly improve the health and quality of your lawn. Promote healthy growth and visually stunning yards all year round.

Lawn Care FAQs

Fertilizer Lawn Care

How often do you need to have lawn care services?

There are several factors that can determin how often you should service you lawn including soil quality and climate. We recommend lawn care services at least once a year.

What are the benefits of having lawn care services?

Benefits of lawn care include; health and growth, weed control, pest control and protecting agains disease. It also helps to provide even color making it more visually appealing.

When is the best time to fertilize my lawn?

The type of grass, soil quality and climate are all factors when it comes to frequency of fertilization. We always recommend fertilizing during the active growing season. You may require more than one treatment per year.

What are some common lawn problems?

The most common lawn problems are weeds and pests. With our professional lawn care services combined with regular lawn maintenance, you can maximize the health and minimize the negative impact these issues can have on your lawn.