Landscape Design & Construction

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Custom Designed and Built for Your Business

Every commercial landscape design and construction project we complete is custom, implementing your ideas, personal tastes, and with plant health in mind.

What’s Involved in Our Commercial Landscape Design & Construction

Here at Green Earth Environmental, we believe in the power landscapes have for commercial clients across the South Florida Metropolitan area. Even when using the same plants, no two landscapes look the same. We customize a landscape according to you and your business during the landscape design phase. Choosing the right plant for a specific place with your tastes in mind is the key to our success. From there, our experienced landscape construction crew executes the plans with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency.


Budget-friendly, custom designs for all kinds of businesses.

Use of suitable, nutrient-rich soil for optimal plant growth.
High-end, eco-friendly landscape construction services.
Commercial Landscape Design, Landscape Construction
Commercial Landscape Design and Construction
Flower Variety Commercial Landscape Design and Construction

Landscape Design
Features to Consider

When working alongside one of our landscape designers, you’ll learn about the vast number of landscaping features possible. Many of our clients have an idea for their property, but we truly help them unlock their full imagination by showing them what types of landscape features are available.

Let’s work together on creating a one-of-a-kind landscape for your property.

Native Plants

Plants native to the area are the most suitable options for your landscaping because their well-adapted to the climate. This causes them to use less water and require less maintenance, saving you money. In addition, it supports local habitats and wildlife. Flowers, trees, and other plants can add mosaic colors to your property while also attracting pollinators: bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and more.

Water Features

Water, especially flowing water, adds a level of elegance and charm that plants can’t simply achieve. Incorporating a pond or fountain into your landscaping will add depth and texture to the lush greenery. The sound of running water is approachable and calming, creating the perfect atmosphere for your own customers. Our designers will help you find the best way of integrating these features into your landscaping.

Landscape Lighting

Highlight all the right features at night for your property to shine at all times of the day. We know the importance of proper lighting for sidewalks, outdoor seating areas, and areas of your landscaping. Our team will be sure to use the right lighting to showcase your property’s best features. When working with landscape lighting, we are mindful of using lighting when needed to reduce light pollution in the city.

Irrigation System

An irrigation system is the most optimal method to water your grass, trees, flowers, and other plants. It operates more efficiently than anyone with a hose. Sprinkler systems are programmed to water your plants at the perfect time of day with the right amount of water. This ensures your plants are hydrated efficiently rather than being overwatered and ultimately dying.

Crews That Know Best

What to Expect From Our Landscape Construction Services

After you’ve met with our landscape designer on our team and you’ve approved a design, we’ll order the necessary materials and plants. Upon arrival, our team will contact you for a date to start the landscape construction. During construction, you can expect the following:

Flower - No Subcontractors

No Subcontractors

We only use our in-house landscape construction crew for clients, which gives us greater control over the quality of your project.

Flower - Manager Oversight

Manager Oversight

Each landscape construction project is supervised by an experienced manager who will be your point of contact for progress, questions, and concerns.

Flower - Fully Equipped

Fully Equipped

Our crew is fully equipped with the equipment necessary to construct your landscape, preventing delays or inadequate methods.

Flower - Quality Plants

Quality Plants

Whether native or non-native, the plants we use are directly from growers, which ensures quality, beauty, and health.

We build landscapes that attract customers to your business and make them appreciate the beauty of nature.

Daisy Commercial Landscape Design & Construction

Landscape Design & Construction Process

We handle landscape design and construction from start to finish. This is a broad view of what to expect when you choose Green Earth Environmental.


Design the Landscape

Our team works with your property needs before implementing their expert knowledge of landscaping and perfect plant placement for a superb design of your property.


Source the Plants

We source the plants from local growers after you’ve approved your landscape design. By sourcing directly from local growers, our team is able to have greater control over plant health, ensuring the quality of your landscape.


Build the Landscape

Finally, our team will begin the landscape construction phase once we have all the plants and materials required for your landscape project. After completion, you can start reaping the benefits of gorgeous landscaping.

How long does it take to create a landscape design?

The process to develop a landscape design for your business can range from a few days to several weeks. It all varies depending on the complexity of your project. Larger properties can take a long time, but so can smaller properties. The process comes down to what you’re looking for in a landscape design and the size of the area we’re designing. Contact our team today to get a free quote and to start the design process.

How long does landscape construction take?

Landscape construction can take a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project. You’ll receive an accurate time estimate once our team understands your landscaping needs and the scope of the project.

Are you able to maintain my landscaping after it’s installed?

Yes! Green Earth Environmental is happy to help clients with new and fresh landscaping. We’ll make sure it continues to look new and fresh long after planting.

Can you design my landscaping for minimal maintenance?

Yes! We consider our clients’ needs and wants when designing a landscape. When you’re looking for a low-maintenance landscape, we’ll help you select the right plants for the job.