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Trees are one of the most vital resources on our planet. Their health is essential for the survival of our species, yet they can achieve so much more. Trees have the ability to add shade, elegance, comfort, and livelihood to your property.

Our Tree Services

Protect and care for the largest plants on your property with our tree trimming and tree pruning services.

Tree Cutting/Trimming

When trees are left unattended for some time, they can get out of hand. Their limbs can quickly grow toward structures on your property, causing potential problems. It’s important for the safety of your property and the tree to have them trimmed regularly. Tree cutting will prevent damage to the structure and shape your tree to look better than before.

Tree Pruning

Pruning a tree helps protect it against disease and pests. By removing dead, diseased, or weak branches, the tree is able to live a healthier, stronger life. Tree pruning cannot be performed by just anyone as it requires training and experience. When completed by a professional, tree pruning will stimulate the growth of the tree, potentially boosting the growth of flowers and fruits.

Our Services

Here at Green Earth Environmental, we are highly detailed and intricate with our clients' landscaping. See how we can turn your property's exterior into an attractive landscape that also serves as an eco-friendly environment for plants and animals.

Landscape Maintenance - South Florida Landscaping Services
Landscape Maintenance

Keep your landscape looking fresh and tidy with our weekly or bi-weekly maintenance packages that include everything you may need: grass mowing, hedge trimming, weed control, cleanup, debris removal, and more!

Landscape Design and Construction - South Florida Landscaping Services
Landscape Design

Our landscape design services are backed by our deep knowledge of local conditions, native plants, and the adaptability of these species. We are determined to source locally and directly from growers when constructing landscapes.

Tree Services - South Florida Landscaping Services
Tree Services

Tree services include tree pruning and tree cutting or trimming. Pruning and trimming have fundamental differences, yet both are essential for your trees. We take great care with your trees' beauty and health when performing either tree service.

Sprinkler Systems - South Florida Landscaping Services
Irrigation System Services
Green Earth Environmental knows the importance of irrigation systems and what they can do for your commercial landscaping. Regardless of the type of system you have or need, we’re able to perform repairs and installations.

Our Landscape Design Process

You can expect our landscape and garden design to take a couple of weeks, making certain it meets your budget, expectations, and our high standards.


We Meet You

Our team starts by meeting you and visiting your home for all the details regarding your home’s design, exterior layout, and what you’re looking for in a landscape or garden.


We Draft a Design

From there, our designers and landscapers get to work on drafting your landscape design, taking into consideration your tastes, the property, and what’s best for the plants being used in your landscaping.


Finalize the Design

Lastly, our team will finalize the design after revealing the initial draft to you and taking any feedback you may have given. Before our team moves forward with construction, we’ll start the process of sourcing the plants.

Why Choose Us

It’s easy to choose any South Florida landscaping services out there, but we believe you should select with a purpose. Green Earth Environmental has a lot to offer you and your property:

Decades of Experience

Creative Designs

Eco-Friendly Methods

Plant Knowledge


Passion for Plants

In-House Crew & Designers

Directly From Growers

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday
8:00 Am-5:00 Pm


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Green Earth Environmental Landscaping Services provides professional tree services throughout South Florida, including tree removal, tree trimming, and stump removal. Our qualified experts are knowledgeable and highly experienced in tree services to ensure that the trees, shrubs, and landscape of your property remain beautiful, healthy, and safe.