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Irrigation systems are the most efficient way of watering your landscape’s plants while reducing the cost of the water bill.

Types of Irrigation Systems

It’s important your commercial property uses the right irrigation system for the job. Green Earth Environmental is happy to work with all types of irrigation systems, matching each type to the client’s needs. Find out a little about the types of systems we commonly repair and install:

Sprinkler Irrigation

Best suited for lawns, sprinkler systems are common as they simulate rainfall and reduce water loss by operating early in the morning or at night.

Drip Irrigation

Also known as trickle irrigation, this system delivers water directly to the base of plants, perfect for flowerbeds, gardens, and ground cover plants.

Soaker Hoses

As a form of drip irrigation, soaker hoses deliver water directly to the roots of plants while buried underneath mulch or laid on top of the ground.

Our Services

Here at Green Earth Environmental, we are highly detailed and intricate with our clients' landscaping. See how we can turn your property's exterior into an attractive landscape that also serves as an eco-friendly environment for plants and animals.

Landscape Maintenance - South Florida Landscaping Services
Landscape Maintenance

Keep your landscape looking fresh and tidy with our weekly or bi-weekly maintenance packages that include everything you may need: grass mowing, hedge trimming, weed control, cleanup, debris removal, and more!

Landscape Design and Construction - South Florida Landscaping Services
Landscape Design

Our landscape design services are backed by our deep knowledge of local conditions, native plants, and the adaptability of these species. We are determined to source locally and directly from growers when constructing landscapes.

Tree Services - South Florida Landscaping Services
Tree Services

Tree services include tree pruning and tree cutting or trimming. Pruning and trimming have fundamental differences, yet both are essential for your trees. We take great care with your trees' beauty and health when performing either tree service.

Sprinkler Systems - South Florida Landscaping Services
Irrigation System Services
Green Earth Environmental knows the importance of irrigation systems and what they can do for your commercial landscaping. Regardless of the type of system you have or need, we’re able to perform repairs and installations.

Benefits of Irrigation Systems

The addition of a sprinkler system on your property can greatly benefit your landscaping, reduce maintenance, and save you on utility costs.


Reduce Water Costs

Irrigation systems are designed and programmed to use the right amount of water for the types of plants in your landscaping. It operates at the perfect times of the day and gives just the right amount of water. Your sprinkler system will never use more than your plants need, reducing the cost of your water bill. Efficiency is essential for any business, especially when it’s related to costs.


Prevent Overwatering

The problem with hand watering plants is it’s easy for them to be overwatered. Overwatering leads to the growth of weeds and fungi that have a negative impact on landscaping. Irrigation systems prevent overwatering because of how they’re installed and strategically placed on your property. We assess the optimal amount of water for your property before installing and programming.


Less Maintenance

Maintaining a lawn or landscaping of any kind within the commercial sector is difficult. It requires a lot of time and work. An irrigation system offloads the long process of watering your plants, allowing you to allocate that time toward other parts of your property. Even during the seasons where rain is more common, you can always make adjustments to the system for optimal watering times.

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