South Florida and the Greater South Florida areas provide a climate for incredible landscapes throughout the year. Regardless of the type of property you care for, residential or commercial, there are many landscaping elements you could incorporate. For inspiration, consider any of the South Florida landscaping ideas listed below.

South Florida Landscaping Ideas From Experts

At Green Earth Environmental, we offer a full suite of services for our residential and commercial clients. Every aspect of landscaping—design, construction, maintenance—is handled by our in-house team. We’re here to turn your property into an attractive, unforgettable landscape. Our design team can implement any of the South Florida landscaping ideas we’ve listed and so many more.

1. Plant Wall

You may have also heard of these landscape features referred to as garden walls, greenery walls, and vertical gardens. Plant walls are built on vertical structures, indoor or outdoor, with plants attached to them. Irrigation systems are typically integrated into their design for easy maintenance. They offer an eye-catching appearance to any property because they add texture and color to all types of spaces.

2. Water Fountain

Water Fountain - South Florida Landscaping Ideas

You can find a vast number of South Florida landscaping ideas for water fountains alone. These versatile landscaping features can fit almost anywhere on your property. They can showcase different types of materials, designs, styles, and sizes. Choose from natural stone, terracotta, or even metal. Water features of all types have been known to implement a calming sensation in nearby spaces and reduce noise pollution.

3. Walking Path

Walking Path - South Florida Landscaping Ideas

Like water fountains, walking paths come in various materials and designs. Choose from brick, natural stone, concrete, stamped concrete, pavers, and more! Walking paths may seem obvious for certain areas, but many property owners overlook these practical South Florida landscaping ideas. Walking paths areas such as the side of your house will benefit your property and make getting around easier and cleaner!

4. Flower Tree Ring

Flower Tree Ring - South Florida Landscaping Ideas

Spruce up your trees with a flower tree ring. This is essentially adding a flower bed at the base of the tree. They range in all sorts of sizes, some expanding several feet away from the tree. This South Florida landscape idea can even incorporate tiers of flowers using retaining walls. Flower beds do not always have to outline a sidewalk or structure. Elevate a natural element of your property with something natural, like flowers!

5. Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds - South Florida Landscaping Ideas

You can quite literally elevate your garden with raised beds. Raised garden beds are simply bulk containers with soil in which plants are grown. They are typically made of wood, metal, or stone. Raised garden beds have a more organized aesthetic than in-ground gardens. In addition, they offer many benefits, such as greater control over soil quality, reduced pests and weeds, and they can go anywhere.

6. Pergola

Pergola - South Florida Landscaping Ideas

A pergola is a structure featuring open rafters, allowing the elements to pass through. They are often constructed over outdoor living spaces from a patio door to get to a beautiful outdoor patios or decks. These rafters offer shade at the right times of the day. Pergolas are often made of unfinished wood and pair well with viny pants. Plant a few at the base of the structure and watch them create a natural roof through the rafters.

7. Pond

Pond - South Florida Landscaping Ideas

Ponds are one of the best South Florida landscaping ideas to consider because they are extremely versatile and beautiful for all types of properties. Residential and commercial properties are able to take advantage of various types of ponds such as koi ponds, natural ponds, or plant ponds. Depending on the level of maintenance you want, we can help you implement a pond into your property along with other types of water features.

8. Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls - South Florida Landscaping Ideas

As professionals, we know the importance of focal points in a landscape. Retaining walls made of stone or pavers is an exceptional way of doing that. If you’re looking for South Florida landscaping ideas for sloped areas, a retaining wall is your answer. These vertical structures are similar to raised garden beds in that plants are off the ground. They help in preventing soil erosion and take up less space than traditional landscaping.

9. Mailbox Garden

Mailbox Garden - South Florida Landscaping Ideas

The mailbox is likely one of the last areas of improvement on your landscaping list, if it’s even on there at all. Of all the South Florida landscaping ideas to consider, the mailbox is one of the areas often overlooked. Your landscaping doesn’t always have to be connected to your home. Adding pavers and a small flower bed to the base of your mailbox will give it a more lively appearance.

10. Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting - South Florida Landscaping Ideas

Finally, the last of our favorite South Florida landscaping ideas is lighting. It’s easy for landscape lighting to be used wrongly or poorly, but when used right, it can have drastic effects on your property’s look at night. Let our team help you choose the right landscape lighting features for your property, ensuring it’s used right and showcases your property’s best qualities.

Need Help Implementing South Florida Landscaping Ideas?

Do you need assistance implementing your South Florida landscaping ideas? Get in touch with Green Earth Environmental, a leading South Florida landscaping company with over 17 years of experience. Our in-house design and crew members will help you integrate your South Florida landscaping ideas effectively. For more landscaping ideas, visit Houzz.

Give our team a call to learn more about our services or to request a free quote! You can reach our team by calling (866) 734-2422 or emailing our team via the form on the contact page. We deeply care about the environment and want to help you effectively integrate it into ongoing urbanization.

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